What files to save for manual backup?


I’m trying to figure out what files I need to save if I want to manually backup my Brave directory.

Is there some sort of profile folder that saves everything from settings to previous sessions (open tabs), etc?

I know that Firefox allows to do this and I tend to make an additional profile folder backup over there, just in case.

I tried to copy/paste my old brave “backup” into a fresh directory but it didn’t work, so it seems it’s more complicated than that?

There are files like last session, current session - or folders like session store, and many more - I simply assumed those are relevant, which is why with my first try I just copied those. But even copy/pasting the entire directory didn’t work either. It’s like those “backup” files get overwritten whenever the browser is started.

Any ideas?

On Windows Brave profile is in c:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\, where [user] is your user name.

It makes sense to backup this directory if it is going to be reused on the same pc and same operating system. If you try to move the profile to another pc, it may not work. The reason is that for security reason there is hashing done to some profile components.

Hope that helped.


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