Does Brave Browser have an equivalent to Firefox's about:config or prefs.js?

Context: With Firefox, I have a simple text file user.js which I can use to apply all my preferred settings to a new Firefox install or profile. With just that one file I can apply my preferred settings and keep track of what I’ve modified. I’d like to do the same with Brave, but I’m much less familiar with Chromium based browsers.

So, I am faced with two questions:

  1. How can I view the settings that have been modified (via GUI settings)? Firefox has about:config, but it appears Brave’s equivalent brave://flags is not at all comparable.
  2. Where could I place these settings in a new user profile or new browser instance to apply them to Brave?

If it isn’t clear what I am seeking, and an example would be more helpful, here is an example from a project called Arkenfox (for Firefox).

What I’m trying to accomplish is much more limited in scope and complexity, but that project is what inspired the idea.

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