How to know if I'm being flaged? Few devices w/similar issues

Hi! I’m having the known issues that a lot of people have been posting over and over in the last month. I’m seeing ads, but they’re not being paid, I use brave in all of my devises and in some of them my December payment wasn’t receibed. Althoug some of those devises stayed at 0.000 BATS even when ads are showing. In other devises I started to earn BATs at first days of the month, but now in none of them!!

So, I saw a few people arguing that posting this kind of topics it’s bad because we are getting mad for something that brave give us “for free” or stuff like that. Let me tell you, I’m so happy with brave and how it works, I love the project and so on, even without counting the BATs system. The shields, the options, the way of bringing a new way of thinking how we share our “fingerprints” on the internet.

That doesn’t mean that if I agree to be paid for watching ads I just have to be grateful and shut the f*ck up if they are not being payed. It’s an agreement with 2 parts, and I’m doing my part, but brave is flawling with theirs. So, how is not corresponding to want to get paid for seeing ads, and then not being able to say something if the other part is not doing as they say??? I would preffer to keep participating in this way, and I will continue using brave for all the other things the browser have, but, at least, if I am not getting paid I would love to know it so I deactivate ads and not let them get in the middle of my activities without giving me anything in return.

I wrote in the forum, a private message to a staff member called Steven, but did not get a response.

Thanks for reading, I hope someone of the staff maybe read this and help me see if I’m flagged or something like that.

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yea same i feel ur pain dude yea fax

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@charlybgood I feel your frustration. I’m a newbie and trying to find relevant information and deciphering it all is overwhelming sometimes. And usually I get it wrong to boot! :stuck_out_tongue:

A topic was posted consolidating useful information about Rewards/Ads. I find it saves a lot of time and hassle when trying to figure out what is going on with rewards/ads! You may have already seen it, but if you haven’t, here’s the link:
PSA: Friendly Reminder For People Having Issues with Rewards/Ads.

Also, per one of the moderators:

You may want to open a new topic and submit a support request using the template provided in the editor. You are probably more likely to get a response by doing that. If you pm them, you need to include the information as well as the General info from brave://rewards-internals.

This is the header info from the new topic editor:
NOTE: Any “one-liner” or topics requesting support or reporting bugs that do not make an effort to include as much of this information as possible will not be responded to . Repeatedly posting as such is grounds for banning._
Please try to adhere to this template when reporting bugs. If you think you don’t need to fill out every section in the template fill out as much of it as you can and please be as descriptive as possible when posting.
<---------Delete this line and everything above before posting---------->

/end Quote

I suspect the reason a lot of people never receive a response from a moderator is because they did not provide the template information!

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Thanks a lot!! I find it very usefull !!! Cheers and have a great day!! !

@charlybgood Steeven had been away for a bit. Also some of the staff here recently had gotten sick, causing them to miss work. On top of that, there’s been a lot of issues staff has been working on behind the scenes.

They are trying their best to be here and do everything, but they are limited in numbers and capabilities. Remember at the end of the day, they are still only human and we all have a limited amount of hours in each day.

I’m not sure if you ever saw my longer post, but if not I’d advise you try to check out PSA: Friendly Reminder For People Having Issues with Rewards/Ads

In order to give advice on things like why you’re not getting BAT, there’s a lot of information that’s needed. Things like using the same wallet on multiple devices, using VPN, having notifications off or even stuff like Focus Assist on Windows turned on, etc can block ads and everything. If you’re on iPhone or iPad, you’ll see ads but not earn BAT because Apple has forbidden it.

As to finding out if you’re flagged, currently the only way is to reach out to staff. I know you said you tried to contact Steeven but maybe try to reach out to Mattches or SaltyBanana. When you contact them, they’ll need you to send the information below to them in a DM

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals )
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version )
  • A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards .

Just make sure you realize they only have about 3-4 people who are highly active here, along with another 2 that just pop their heads in every once in a while. Those people have to handle 800+ Posts and however many hundreds or thousands of messages and tags they receive on a daily basis…even on their days off. They are trying and will get to you, but do understand it can sometimes take several weeks or months to catch up to your posts or information

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Thanks a lot for your response !! It’s very usefull info and well explained!! And I see it as you in terms of have consideration with the humans that are working on this and sure they does try to get it right !! Cheers, and have a great day!! thanks again!! :smiley:

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