How to improve SEO for a Company Listing


I am a huge fan of Brave and the Brave browser initiative but was distraught when I searched my company Cloud Aquatic’s listing, a local business located in Waldwick, NJ.

While the results did accurately find the company the links shown for the website take users to Groupon’s site. We no longer use Groupon and found their behavior less than forthright to make an understatement.

Additionally one of the first results is to an old booking service that we no longer use. So users are being directed to a site that shows we have no availability.

I understand this service is in its BETA and a lot of these issues can probably be fixed by our company improving our SEO with google.

I am kindly asking the community for any advice on how to best address the issues so that my company’s correct website is placed at the top of the search results with the correct information.

Thank you for your time and your attention.

Best Wishes,
Cloud Aquatic

1.) I think you should focus more on Google/bing search engines rather than brave search. Google/bing are 95% current searches (by including startpage and ddg) whereas brave search will be around 0.1%. Current results on brave search mainly from google as they need base links to later on curate results (I have observed such thing, I may be wrong here)

2.) On google your company is 6-7 number, first few results are groupon, yelp, appointy. And on bing your company is not even on first page.

3.) On androd, google maps usually first result on google search, and on desktop they are placed on top right hand. At present, your location on desktop google is coming from groupon service rather than normal google maps.

4.) I believe you are using Wix as your site maker. They have few articles listed on how to do boost your wix site seo eg, On wordpress sites, there are Seo booster plugins which you can use to boost your seo, I do not know if same functions are available on wix sites.

5.) Also have consent forms (cookie pop-ups) at start-up of your site. Google likes site which have cookie pop-ups due to GDPR enforcement.

6.) If you are not using groupon, yelp, appointy, then just delete your business accounts on their site. Deleting your accounts might be not good and will do more harm. Customers like revievw sites as they help a potentional customer judge a service beforehand. So having any ratings/reviews on sites like yelp, google maps is good rather than having none.

7.) You will need to hire SEO fiirm/company or a freelancer to do some stuff for you. Bcuz the results are pretty bad from a business standpoint. See what they recommend, it might be as you are on wix website which by default will have low SEO compared to modified wordpress site with turn of SEO improvements. Or do all the stuff by yourself, by following various guides and tutorials you will find online easily.

8,) Claim your business by and website by (similar will be for bing) if you haven’t done it.


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Hi Chh_68,

Thank you dearly for these extremely helpful suggestions.

Yes, it makes perfect sense to focus on the points that you highlighted. It made me realize I had completely ignored bing results as well.

I will go through these one by one and make sure I’m all buttoned up.

Thank you again!

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Very interesting! Thanks for sharing @Chh_68 !

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