Bad search engine for finding stuff

I have a question. I know brave is fairly new but the search engine kinda sucks ( sorry). I have a business and i can NOT search for it at all, meaning my website does not show up. It shows my reviews other business like mine but not mine. My business does show up on the right side with a WRONG website. When I search for my business ( not the actual website , the website works fine if I punch in the actual website) it is like I am talking to a toddler. It will not find my business or any other business in a surrounding area except for one…why?

Yes I give you the search engine is FAST but what is fast if you can not find what you want.

It is still in beta. The more the search engine is used, the better the responses will get.

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Does your website show up on other search engines?

Yes I am 4.9 it of 5 stars on Google and finally it shows up on first spot, as for a while I was on the second page and also when I show up on the right side my business shows up and has the proper web site . I show up on bing and other search engines. When I search for my business I only get one page on Brave, on othr search engines I get 10+

Oh and thanks for the replies

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