Brave SEO Ranking

Hi, I recently started using brave for all it’s known advantages compared to Google.

Well I was curious and I searched my website I found out most keywords I was ranking first page in Google wherent ranking in brave.

As far as what I have read brave doesn’t have any console or index option so I assume the best I can do to improve seo on brave is just work on my SEO right?

I write this past creating a backlink hoping maybe this helps my website indexing in brave hehe hopefully.

Also brave should update it’s robots crawling. One of the only blogs ranking first page has an old url redirecting to a 404… i updated this in April lol. I’ll create a redirection soon

Thank you.

Hey mate, there are several ways to improve your overall activity on your website. I will tell you some of the free tools I contain used in the process of trying to get on page 1 on google. So, you should try Wordtracker Scout, Lipperhey, Dareboost, Siteliner, and KWFinder. Considering that you specifically asked seo for dentist, Marketjar is a good choice, I used it when my site was going low on views, and it gave me a nice boost to reach page 1 on google. Oh, I also forgot to mention that you can also try to use meta keywords; those are good.