How to list my business on Brave


I’m a new member here and would like to know how can get my business to show up organically on Brave.
Any input greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Brave Search generally works just through the Web Discovery Project.

What this means is it will be picked up and compiled as people participating in it visit your site. The more traffic, the more easily it will show up.

That said, you can also perform a search for your business and then use the little Feedback button, which looks like image

Clicking that will give you the form you see below, where you can provide feedback. Such as perhaps saying detailed searches aren’t revealing your business.


Just keep in mind that Brave Search just works to find results that best match what the User is searching. So if you’re looking for SEO, you won’t be able to get Brave to rank things differently to show your business on top or anything. All you can do is just make sure that you’re doing your part on optimization and doing things like including good key words that might get picked up on.

Thank you so much.
I can’t seem to find the feedback button though…
Where/how you locate it.

Much thanks

Top of the results.

Should see it under the search glass in the screenshot, next to the i for information and above the location symbol.

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