Crawl or index and re-index my website on brave, please

I have searched. This question has been asked, but not answered.
I would like to set Brave Search engine to re-index one of my webpages. I searched the results on google and Brave. Brave listing is outdated. This page is updated monthly.
What is the best way to have a page re-indexed / crawled.

Feature request could be to just have a field available to input the url into, that would prompt a new crawl?

Thank you. Tammy

There is no current simple way to do it via and webmaster tool like google/bing have.

The only way is to use the Web Discovery Project (WDP) to get more than 20 random hits to your URL so that it gets ‘re-indexed’

To get the 20 results, you can do it yourself (make sure to change IP, and try different brave browser installs) or it will have automatically as those brave user with WDP enabled will visit your site getting your new URL webpage reindexed.