How to find out number brave rewards linked to Uphold account?

I installed Brave in Android - Connected to Uphold account
I installed Brave in Windows Laptop - Connected to Uphold account
I created a BAT publisher account - Connected to Uphold account

In Uphold authorized applications, I am seeing only two entries like this

Can somebody give an explanation. Please post screenshots of your’s if linked multiple accounts

URL to authorized applications in Uphold:

In short, you can’t,

At least there’s no way to see that ATM.

Okay fine.
Now I linked two accounts (Windows Brave and Android one). Now two is left (As per my knowledge from this community only 4 are allowed) for Uphold link.
The agony is due to some reason my Windows Brave lost (Laptop got formatted). So now only one active account is linked to Uphold, but linked account count is two.

Is there any way to remove only Window’s Brave Browser links from Uphold OR remove all account linked and connect from scratch?

I can delete Brave Browser from Authorized application, but I am little worried when try to connect my Android Brave again to Uphold will it count from 2?

In short, no. There’s no way to unlink the already connected browser wallets.

This option may be added in the future.

Yesterday BAT triangle showed wallet disconnected automatically when I opened browser and upon clicking it it verified automatically but now BAT’s are reduced to 0 because in uphold it created another brave browser card

Now I have reached the max wallet limit due to this bug where I was still waiting to connect android wallet to Uphold
What to do?

Just curious to know, if two Brave Browsers are connected to the Uphold account then how many Brave Browser cards are suppose to show in Uphold?

@steeven Can I know what to do now cause due to disconnection and reconnecting uphold new brave browser card was created which I had reserved for Android

What’s I suppose to do now?
Help would be appreciated
Thank you!

Hi @Ridz - you can connect a lifetime max of 4 unique devices to your Uphold account.

@steeven just a question, this is going to be permanent or the team is working on a way to delete devices from that list?

If I delete my uphold account and then again verify it will it work


Can I link uphold to 4 computer brave browsers only.

Yes, future devices linked will not receive payments.

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