How can I tell what account (if any) my Brave Android browser is linked to?

I looked in my Uphold account today and found it had mostly been drained. I received 3.445 BAT from Brave Software International on March 8, and sent 3.25 BAT back to Brave on March 10. The only thing is, I didn’t actually initiate the second transaction, at least not manually. How did that happen? Where did that outgoing transaction originate? Was it something I (inadvertently) did on my desktop or mobile browser?

I can see in my desktop Brave instance that it’s connected to Uphold and the balance shown there agrees with the balance I see in Uphold. I can’t figure out how to tell if my mobile browser is linked to Uphold or not. I just tapped the Brave Rewards menu item and saw there were some BAT to claim (6.75 BAT total), so I did. I don’t see that reflected in my Uphold account though. Tapping the wallet shows me that “Your Brave wallet is powered by Uphold.” I don’t see whether or not that browser instance is connected to the Uphold account I can see and login to. Tapping the Brave triangle icon also shows my 6.75 BAT and shows a “Verify Wallet” button, but tapping that asserts that I need a minimum of 25 BAT to verify. I didn’t need that much to verify on the desktop.

This is all kind of confusing to me. Any help appreciated…

That mean your Android wallet is not linked to Uphold account yet. Only a local Rewards wallet.

Hoe many wallet connected to the same Uphold account? Did you have “Auto-contribution” enabled (on any device linked to the Uphold account)?

Thanks @eljuno. It seems I did have auto-contribute enabled on my desktop Brave. It doesn’t seem anything else is connected to my Uphold account. I guess the auto-contribute thing explains it.

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