Mobile Rewards Sync feature with PC

@steeven is there any way to keep the android browser in sync with PC one? when might the sync feature be out? cuz if i format the phone, ill lose all my BAT. And also how many brave acc can be connected to one uphold acc? what if my phone gets formatted ? if i install brave again, will it be considered as the same device or added as new device every time i reinstall the app? and is there any restrictions on uphold acc? if so how do i remove old brave connected devices? Plz reply quick…it is a serious issue.
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You can connect it to the same Uphold account, for now.

The button available via BAT triangle icon at URL bar.

Thanks for reaching out …i understood what you said … Although I have a small doubt …consider I’m using brave app on android and I’m also using brave pc …ive connected them to same uphold account.Then I’m the uphold account there will be two cards ( one for pc and one for android brave ) right ? .now my doubt is … What if I format my phone or lose it or my pc crashes ? .if I reinstall the browser and continue using and then again connect the same uphold account , it will be added as a new card on uphold right ? …now I read that there is a limit of 4 brave browsers instances per uphold account … Will I cross that ? If so how can I remove the accounts I don’t use before ? I don’t want to mistakingly uninstall the app or software and reinstall and it causes me to reach my uphold accounts limit of 4 … Is there a way to remove old connected devices ( brave instances )? Plz make this clear … I’m worried about this . Thanks a lot .
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No. It’ll use the same Brave Brrowser card. So the same balance will be reflected on all linked wallets.

If you reinstall, then verify it (connecting to Uphold), it’ll be counted as new wallet. For now there’s no way to disconnect it because it’s a lifetime/permanent connection.

Oh okay…But it is very risky right? can brave implement any feature like backup app or pc software data so that it can be considered with the same wallet id and device id?..cuz this is a common issue and no one talks about it? i hope they bring the sync feature btw devices.
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