How to export Brave bookmarks to Chrome or Explorer

how do I export Brave bookmarks to Chrome or Explorer (or import Brave from within these other browsers). Brave has import from Chrome and Explorere. But I need my Brave bookmarks in Chrome and Internet Explorer. Neither Chrome nor Explorer have Brave in the pulldown menu to select a browner to import to Chrome or Explorer.

Hello @Impossible1

in brave got to brave://bookmarks/ then click on the top right icon that has 3 vertical dots then export

then go to chrome then menu then bookmark manager then import it there

not sure if explorer would allow you to import that file if it did not recognize it then after you imported it in chrome go to explorer and import from chrome

by the way i am not sure if the import will replace the bookmarks that already exist in chrome and explorer or not so better to back the bookmark that in chrome and explorer first

hope that help and have a nice day

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