How do you import data from the new Brave Browser?

I am having trouble importing browser data from the new Brave browser into any other browser. Anybody know what’s happening?

In the screenshot below, you should be seeing a profile called “Brave: Joshua S.” (or “Chrome: Joshua S.” if the devs didn’t bother to change the name from Brave to chrome), the thing is, you don’t see a Brave profile anywhere.

Are you trying to import browsing from Brave to Chrome?

I am doing tests on the new Brave browser. This happened to be one of them.

I’ve never been this excited about a new browser version.

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No way to import into chrome from Brave with the exception of Bookmarks. You can export Bookmarks from Brave as an HTML file and import them into any browser (that imports bookmarks in that format of course).

Hope this helps!

Alright, I now think I should change this from a question to a feature request. XD

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