How to enter password to unlock wallet but password never set?

Description of the issue:
I’ve never set a password, but the wallet is asking for one to open.

Are you using the (new) Brave Wallet or the (old) Crypto wallets implementation? Yes

How can this issue be reproduced?
Anytime I click on wallet icon at top right of Brave browser home page.

Brave Version (check About Brave):
Version 1.35.100 Chromium: 98.0.4758.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:


@moonster You didn’t answer the second one. It was asking if you’re using the New or Old version of Brave Wallet. You simply answered “Yes” which doesn’t let anyone know.

I’m wanting to assume that maybe you’ve been using the old one and you stumbled across access to the new wallet. If so, it may be asking you to create a Password rather than to put in an existing. Can you verify that for us?

The difference is the old Brave Wallet essentially was in the browser and only held until it could be transferred to an external source like Uphold or Gemini. The new Brave Wallet is going to exist as an exchange and, if I understand things properly, will be able to serve as a custodial wallet for us as well. (Don’t quote me on that, as I might be wrong)


Sorry about that. I guess the answer is that I don’t know. I downloaded the Brave browser in late December and the wallet just was part of that, as far as I can tell. I don’t see anything indicating version other than what’s on the homepage. I did verify/connect to Gemini, if that helps.

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@moonster Okay, good news is I was going to be thinking the WRONG thing at first. I just was able to clarify for myself and now going to explain to you what you’re looking at. Basically, one is your “wallet” where your BAT from Brave Rewards are stored. Once you connect to a custodial wallet, such as Uphold or Gemini, you’re able to see the balance there from within the Brave browser.

So the Brave Rewards “wallet” can be seen when you go to brave://rewards/. When there, you’ll see where it shows how many ads you’ve seen, current estimated earnings, etc. Also there may be a small box that says your current Balance and all. If you’ve been verified with Uphold or Gemini, it should show the balance that you have there. If you’re not verified, I believe it will have a little Verify button you can click on, which would have you sign up or sign in with either Uphold or Gemini.

The other thing, the Wallet you’re mentioning, is the new Brave Wallet which is used to buy and exchange cryptocurrency. It is different than Brave Rewards. More than likely, you would have set this up if you just recently installed and registered for Brave. If not, then you’d be staring at a screen that says Get Started instead of a screen that says Enter password to unlock wallet

I’m not sure if you tried putting in the password you use for your Brave Communities forum or anything, as you may have done the two at the same time and not realized it…thinking you were setting up the wallet for you to earn BAT.

Regardless, the good news is you don’t have to access it unless you plan to buy BAT or other cryptocurrencies through Brave. Two links to access some FAQ and to learn more about Brave Wallet are below:


Sorry for the long winded thing. Just know I had almost confused myself a bit, so put it out there for anyone else who sees it. As to the old thing, that’s nothing you’d have to worry about. That’s more for people who joined years ago and likely have outdated browsers.

As for you, I guess just try forum password and see if it works. As I said in the long one, you likely created it without meaning to when you were setting things up. If it doesn’t work, might be a bit of a challenge as I’m guessing means you didn’t save the recovery phrase and all. From what they’ve said before, there’s no recovering from it if you don’t have password or recovery phrase. At that point you essentially have to uninstall and reinstall the browser, then get things going again.


If you want to reset / delete your wallet then you can do so here:
chrome://settings/wallet with the Reset Brave Wallet

***Note that there’s no recovery after that though if you don’t have a backup of your seed phrase. If there are funds stored in the wallet and you reset, you have effectively lost them forever.

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hi, i have the same problem as the TS.
out of nowhere my wallet asked me for a password that i have never ever SET. and if i reset / delete my wallet, all my earnings will be gone.

All i have done was tried to connect my wallet with my Gemini account which asked for a verified wallet and since i have not verified, i just leave it at that. only to find out that it was locked to a wallet i never created.

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@clazsic Same as what I said before, you’re looking at the wrong place. Brave Rewards and Brave Wallet are two different things. So your Gemini account and Brave Rewards have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Brave Wallet.

If you get a chance, try to read PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers as it should help on some of this information.

Btw, either it’s asking you to create a password if it’s your first time going into Brave Wallet or you created one when you first installed the browser and you just forgot about it from doing it in a hurry. Either way, it doesn’t matter unless you plan on using Brave Wallet to store other types of crypto. The vBAT/BAT we earn from ads can’t be stored there directly. In order to put it into Brave Wallet, we would have to send out to places like Uphold/Gemini and then pay fees to get it sent over to Brave Wallet. I can’t imagine too many people wanting to do that.

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Hello, so I think you are underrestimating the problem. I had no brave wallet set up. However after I have set gemini wallet for rewards, the brave wallet page askes me for password out of no where. So what if I wanted to use that brave wallet in future? How is that possible that using gemini wallet for brave rewards has consequences in brave wallet if you say they have nothing to do with each other? It is NOT asking to create a password, I am using brave for some time now (like months) and I had not created any brave wallet, because this tab did not behave this way until I set up gemini, I am sure, I was checking that tab before.

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The connection to your Gemini account is completely separate from the Brave Wallet self custody wallet. If you’d like to reset your custody wallet which will generate a new seed phrase and allow you to put in a new password you can do so from brave://settings/wallet

I’m getting the same issue. I saw the new brave wallet the other day and started setting it up, but stopped half way though as I had nowhere secure to store a key.

I now get asked to enter my password (which I never set). I’ve tried resetting the wallet but it still asks me to enter in my (nonexistent) password.

This is for the brave crypto wallet rather than the brave rewards.

Your wallet is already created so you’d have to use whatever password was first set. You can reset things in brave://settings/wallet though if you want to start over.

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