Brave wallet activation

hi guys , this is probably going to sound very foolish but how do I know if my brave wallet is active. I did read the FAQ but i think this questi is so basic that it wasnt covered

There is nothing called Active state for wallet. If you load brave://wallet it should show onboarding message if you haven’t created a wallet. If you do have it created then it will ask to login.

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Ok Great , then ive got the wallet ,it did ask for a password at brave/wallet . thanks . guess ill have to wait till the 8 November to see what happens

Additional note, brave:wallet (crypto wallet) is different from brave:rewards (Brave Rewards wallet).

Seems like you’re waiting for your Rewards payout — it’ll be paid to your custodian account¹ or you’ll get a notification to claim it (if you doesn’t have a verified wallet and it’ll be deposited to brave:rewards)


i guys

Unfortunately , like an idiot , i let the microsoft support idiots do something on my laptop . Unfortunately , although probably expcted , they screwed everything up to such a point that i had to format ans reinstall my windows . I had only recently started with my rewards and i definitely did a backup of the rewards , several actually . Where did it back up too and how do I restore it ?


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