Need Help Deciphering Brave Wallet Instructions

I want to use Brave Wallet and cannot understand the instructions. It says existing wallet detected. Then:

“Import your crypto wallets accounts into Brave Wallet. Enjoy a faster and more secure way to manage crypto assets and interact with web 3 DApps.”

And it wants a password. Where on Earth do I find this password??? My brave recovery phrase doesn’t work. My Uphold wallet doesn’t work. I don’t understand what they are looking for and why I can’t continue on to use Brave Wallet.

If I create a new wallet, what happens? Do I lose whatever was in my existing wallet?

Also to the web team: Is “crypto wallets” a brand name? If so, are you not capitalizing it on purpose? Every crypto wallet is a “crypto wallet.” Very confusing. Instructions need to be vastly improved on this page:


@Hofnar I’ll try to pop in and see if I can give you a little bit of guidance but you should be able to restore your old Wallet. There might of been a button that you’re missing such as the little checkbox for the legacy passphrase.

The wallet that you’re looking at now is the new Brave wallet that launched fairly recently. With that you’ll be able to buy and trade cryptocurrency within the brave browser. You also still have the option I believe of doing the traditional custodial wallet with Uphold or Gemini. But I don’t know too much about that yet.

@brian Seems to be the big expert when it comes to this so I’m going to tag him and I really hope he can stop by and try to give you a little bit of answers And educate us all.

And in the interim I am going to leave you with these two links if you haven’t seen them. It just talks about what that new Brave Wallet is supposed to be and the second one has a bit of a FAQ talking about it.

@DouglasHDaniel would you happen to know? Always trying to figure out who to tag on different things and how often y’all check the forums, lol

What you’re seeing is the new crypto wallets implementation. If you got the prompt you describe, that means you must have had the an account using the old implementation in the browser prior to this.

This step in the process will import any account information from the old implementation into the new one. So the password you are being asked for would be the password you used to set up your old Crypto wallets account. This gives permission for the browser to import that data.

Then it’s asking you to set a new Brave Wallet (new implementation) password, that you will use to login to it from here on out.

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I think you want to use the create a new wallet option on the bottom.

hi there, i hope you can help me …

i had metamask on chrome browser, ewt tokens in it (not ewtB)
decided i would switch to brave browser for all the obvious reasons … private, bat, better
added metamask extension to my brave browser
figured i was okay to get rid of chrome, because i have metamask passwords and SEED
uninstalled chrome browser

ewt tokens not in brave mm … added as custom token … but EWTB came up, and 0 tokens

i now have …
Brave metamask account … new password … different address … SAME SEED
Chrome metamask account … different password … different address … SAME SEED

(because I re-installed Chrome and added metamask to see if could find tokens there)

problem because two different browsers?
problem because two different tokens … ewt and ewtb?
did my ewt tokens get changed into ewtb tokens somehow?

i can still see my tokens on the → they are ewtB ?!
i have both of the addresses and the SEED is the same for both?
can i retrieve the tokens? or have i done something wrong?

thank you :slight_smile:

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