How to earn more money?

How to earn more money like a brave browser?

you get bat from ads and if you creator/publisher who has website/youtube channel or other thing then you get bat from people who visit your website and tip you and also could get bat if you publisher and have referral link so people who install brave using your referral link and use it for 30 days will make you get paid for that

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Yes I have a website. Please tell me how to get the bat.

check this to get more info

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How many profiles I can create in the brave browser? Please tell me to earn money. It is legal

After install is it need to use the browser 1 month continuously that means there is no gap even 1 day for 1 month.

Or if anyone install brave browser from referral link and if he don’t use the browser continuously but he must use the browser over the month,
Can it consider as a successful referral???
I expect the from anyone who know the matter clearly and correctly please.

not sure if there a limit to the profile but the limit would be on how many one you can link to single uphold
i think uphold max is 4 per account

i did not read anything say it illegal to use multi profile but i personally do not like it but it just me

you need to read more about uphold as i do not have any account there so read more about it

Hello @Rubelsarker

i really do not know as i am not publisher and not sure how the 1 month use calculated maybe they use 30 days use instead

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How to get the traffic on my website?

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check this one
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the more visitor you get to your website the more the traffic you get

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It means user must use the browser minimum 1 month which is not considered as continuously

I have added the plugin and i verified my website than what to do?

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i think you need to wait to get confirmed
remember it’s week end so it will take time to get replay from the team
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why i am not seeing the ads?

how will get the reply from team because there is no support from the team talk.

Is there any procedure where i will get the revenue in this covid?