How many bat can i get monthly in USA ,how for egypt?

How many bat can i get monthly in USA ,how for egypt?

Can i save my bat every mony in my brother without using uphold or Gemini ?

I started using brave browser yesterday and checked rewards ,still 0.000 ?!


I have no precise idea of “how much BAT you can earn” in a month, also depending on which country on the globe you are in. It varies, depending on the use of the browser, your device and how it is configured.

You will be able to find many answers to your questions from this page


and throughout the Help Center.
Both on how to use it, and to configure the browser.

Have a good day.

1- i aske for using for 5 or 6 hours every day how much can I get in USA and Egypt or tell me how can i calculate it?

2- can i save my bats every month on browser without using uphold or Gemini ,or I get 0 every new month

Bat in your browser is virtual bat. Vbat can’t be trade or move to your wallet without uphold or gemini

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Calculating what it will bring you is random. Not all private advertising campaigns that Brave sends out have the same compensation value.
You have on this link, the list of countries supported by the advertising campaigns,
and here the list of broadcast campaigns, which automatically adapts to the location.

You can store your BATs in the Brave Wallet. But to extract them, you will need to verify your identity with one of their custodial wallet partners.

Yes, you can accumulate BAT in your browser without using Uphold or Gemini. But you cannot transfer it out of the browser.
The risk of doing it is, if eventually you need to reinstall Brave due to troubles in your device. You may loose all your accumulated rewards.

With regards to the amount of Brave you can earn per month, it all depends on the country your are in and the campaigns available to that country. But, based on experience, you may not get more than 4 or 5 dollar per month. You will never get rich with Brave :slight_smile:

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