Verify wallet issues!

after clicking the link to verify wallet, i registered to uphold and mistakenly put a typo in my email address. I tried to back out and start from scratch with my actual but I think Brave has already linked the wallet to that particular email. I figure this is the case since I am currently registered and verified through uphold, but not using the email i attempted to register with. I would like my brave account to unlink from uphold and i will start the process over.

@smshmtns first, don’t share your personal information in this public forum.

So, I assumed you’re asked about your brave://rewards wallet. You can disconnect your Uphold account from your brave://rewards wallet (red box).


Before you try to reconnect your Uphold account, make sure you logged in to Uphold with the correct account.

I do not have the option to Disconnect from Brave Rewards. My rewards page says “verify wallet”, not wallet verified.

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