How-to disable (or fine-tune) the prompt to open external apps?

Whenever Brave is triggered to open an external application, it prompts whether or not to allow that particular URI to open that particular application. There’s also the option to always allow that specific URI to open that application.

Here’s the prompt I am referring to:


  1. If you open a Zoom meeting link in Brave, the link tries to open the Zoom app. Brave will prompt if you wish to allow this.

  2. If you click a macOS App Store link on a webpage, Brave will prompt if you want to allow this app to open.

In both of those situations, the URI for the source of that trigger is typically the same ( or So it’s a simple matter to tick the box that always allows those URIs to open those apps.

  1. A wide range of browser extensions open an associated external application. Typically these are apps that then do something with the content of the current URI. For example, if you use DevonThink (an macOS app for storing documents), to store the current webpage, PDF, etc., into DT I click an icon in Brave. It will prompt if I want to allow the current URI to open DevonThink.

In this situation, it’s of little use to click the always allow option because the range of URIs one might be viewing is limitless. As in, it’s not just one particular URI that is associated with opening DT from the browser.

Is there a way to completely disable this functionality? (the prompt)

Or, even better, is there a way to whitelist the application that is opening, as opposed to the current URI that is active when the application tries to open?



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