Brave always asks to open external app

Every time I click a link that is supposed to open an external app like “zoom” or “figma” or “powerpoint” brave prompts to open that app. That’s great. The problem is there’s no checkbox to “remember” this setting. Is this a defect or does brave not have a way to remember this? I could have sworn this used to exist but perhaps I’m thinking of Chrome. If it’s a feature request, please add the option for me to remember how to handle certain app launchers. Thank you.


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Hi @xzab, thanks for writing in – this is default behavior, but I’ll put in the feature request for sure (moving this thread to that category as well).

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It would be really nice to have that checkbox to avoid having to say “yes” everytime one clicks on a Zoom link.

I have a browser download extension and this pop up is quite annoying

Yes please! this will help a lot.

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