How to disable delayed tab loading?

I don’t know what the name of this feature is, and it’s something Brave has inherited from Chrome: when I right-click on a link to “Open link in new tab,” the page doesn’t begin to load until I switch to it. It exhausts me to think for the reason behind this design decision, so much IT design these days runs exactly perpendicular to my convenience and my desire. Maybe Google’s programmers wanted to save… memory or disk space. Maybe I only IMAGINE I want that tab but don’t REALLY want it, so I’ll CLOSE it without going to it. But no, it’s never like that: if I want something opened in a tab, I do it exactly so that it loads in the background without me having to look, and is all prepared when I switch to it. Sometimes I open many tabs this way to wait for me. So how can I achieve this?

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