How can I contribute?


I haven’t programmed in a long time and am learning all over again. Most programming languages I know I learned in the 1990s and 1980s. In that time I learned JavaScript and Dynamic HTML that became Ajax, Node, etc.

I talked with Brandon Eich at Hacker News when I had discussed political pressure forcing him to quit Mozilla, and he told me after he did that there was a NoZilla protest from conservatives for caving into liberal pressures, all because he donated to the wrong charity 10 years ago or whatever. I hope we can avoid stuff like that in the industry.

I can beta test new versions of Brave if you want me to.


would you mind checking this discussion and see what you would do?

To do QA, the easiest way of contributing is to download a pre-release build by enabling the option on about:preferences#advanced and post a bug here.


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