How to choose which email software to use

Hello to all.
Every time I click on a link to an email, Brave opens Gmail for me.
How can I change this, as I am using a local software?
Thanks to you in advance.

Hi there, welcome to Community :wave:

When you click on a link to an email, does it open Gmail in another tab or new window?

Also could you kindly share the following below and we can troubleshoot what might be happening.

  1. What version OS/device are you using?
  2. What version of Brave are you on? (Stable, Nightly or Beta)


Hello, SaltyBanana.
I can’t remember if it’s in this tab or in a new tab.
Desktop PC compatible x86 64 bits.
GNU/Linux system, Manjaro Linux stable (rolling release).
I guess this is the stable version.
Linux kernel 6.3.3.
Brave Desktop version 1.51.118.

Uh, isn’t there an option like on Firefox to define this?
Obviously, I like Brave, but I noticed a glaring lack of customization possibilities.

Hi @ignace72

Apologies for the delay.
You can change your email handler by going to brave://settings/handlers. From there you should be able to edit/remove whatever is default there or enable don't allow sites to handle protocols.
Do let me know if this works for you :slight_smile:

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