Opening from Gmail

When you click the options after clicking a Gmail hyperlink someone sent you to choose to open it on Brave, it confusingly states open in Chrome.
Not really a big problem, just thought I should bring it up.

Is this desktop or Mobile? Please use the template to add details. Issue description is too generic

Mobile app, if you have the Gmail app set to open links, it will open them, then you can press the three vertical dots that allow you to choose to open whatever link it was in another (default browser), it said Chrome but opened in Brave.

I am using Brave as my default browser on Windows 10 PC. When I ran the gmail app on the PC and a message contains a link, the gmail app launched the link in Chrome.

Experimentally I opened gmail in the Brave browser ( and then (somewhat understandably) it launched links in Brave.

From that state I created a desktop shortcut for gmail and now have a shortcut that opens my gmail looking just like the gmail app, with a taskbar gmail icon and when opened it is “chrome-less” i.e. like a windowed kiosk mode. When I look at the Brave task manager, it shows gmail as a tab. So the arrangement is very nice. When I tried to do the same with the Google Calendar, sadly the shortcut opens the Calendar in a tab in the current Brave window.

So does anyone know how I achieved an apparent tying of the gmail app to Brave and how to do the same for Calendar and contacts?

In case it helps explain things the two shortcuts look the same except for the --app-id= value yet calendar opens in a regular Brave tab and gmail opens like an independent app

I know that is supposedly not “good form” to reply to ones own messages, but in case someone sees my plea, I wanted to explain what I discovered.

When one creates a desktop shortcut to an open page in Brave, there is an option “Open as Window”. I must have set that the time I created a Gmail shortcut, but missed it when creating the one for the Google calendar. When you tick that box, Brave does something magic. The next time you open a shortcut to that page, it opens it without the borders, address bar etc

Interestingly it is not in the shortcut itself, because when I created a second shortcut to calendar with that option set, there were no apparent differences between the shortcuts, but both of them now open “as a window”.

This seems related to the original thread, as now I have these google apps opening in Brave any links within those apps open in Brave.