Wrong country typed in the query

I misunderstood the question and entered the language. The correct language is Austria, I entered Germany. How can I correct this?
I always get the message: Wrong country when I want to connect to uphold.

The problem now is: i am disconnected, i think because Austria is an uphold-region but Germany isnt.

You’ll have to reset brave rewards so that you can select a region again. This will cause losing any BATs earned till now.
You can also try to raise a ticket and see if Brave support can let you do somthing. Raise one here.

Selecting another region can be seen as a fraudulent activity because why would anyone choose another region and also the fact that you get a continue button before submitting so, yea. Anyway. If you do go and raise a ticket, you might not get a reply for a few days since its weekend now and Brave support works only monday to friday generally…

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Thank you, i raised a ticket. I am not as good in english, i joined the rewards programm since it startet. What i could not fill in was the verified date, because its now shown as not verified.
I will report.

If i do like the support-answer, will i then have to new verify on uphold? Thats a really hard action! They are meanwhile very complicated there …
Also unclear to me whether everything is reset with the Brave Browser (also addons etc)
And does reset mean the middle or the option in the right selection area? (screenshot).

At least: today i received bats on uphold. So i may do a reset without loosing them?

Thank you for reaching out to Brave Support.
This setting cannot be changed once selected.
Please resolve this issue in full by starting a new Rewards profile. It can be reset in brave://rewards > Manage Brave Rewards > Reset.
Please note any funds prior to December’s payout may be lost. It is advised to wait for this week’s payout before resetting Rewards.

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