Backup all History, Bookmark, Extension of all profiles

I want to back up all my brave profiles History, Autofills, Bookmarks, Extensions overall every setting of my Brave profile at once. So if I move to a new computer or Brave gets uninstalled accidentally, I would get the backup file in the future.

I’ve already turned on the sync feature but my 1 Gmail is associated with multiple Brave profiles so it’s gonna be messy. Hope you guys can give me a solution.


Well all that stuff is stored in BraveSoftware folder in your appdata… Just to using this in restorations have had mixed results though… Some cheered as in worked fine, some cried in despair as in didn’t work copying the dir in… YMMV…

Is there any alternative way?

Well the way I do it is basically that way… I just have a mac… Basically I do a “smart” cloning of my hdd to back up hdd, so if i let’s say foobar my main hdd, I can just copy the backup to the main hdd or copy my back up *.app proggie to the install dir… So, I’m one of those guys that cheered it works… I don’t know what is different with those in despair… except there maybe the differences using windows or linux, etc. …

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Thanks a lot bro. I’m gonna try that.

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