How many different device can i connect to zebpay

As i use 2 mobiles and one pc so each hold a sum of amount of BAT so should i connect all of them to same zebpay account or should i create different account
As i have mistakenly connect both my mobiles to same account will it cause problem

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@Gi7 Officially there are no device limits. That said, there’s some common sense to that in terms of antifraud. The browser is here for casual use on normal devices, it’s not meant to install on hundreds or thousands of devices to “farm” or “mine” BAT or to have it on a device where you use automation to try to maximize earnings.

Putting on multiple phones or computers is fine. Again, just for normal and casual usage. It’s only when you abuse things that it becomes a problem.

They consider “normal” usage for a person. If it exceeds that to a very abnormal amount of devices and activity for a person, then it likely becomes fraud or abuse. If you just casually use Brave, you should have no issues. But if you’re trying to install on tons of things or frequently use it as a source of income, you’re likely to get yourself in trouble.

I dont abuse it i just use brave in all of my devices for preventing ads so there is no need to worry ?

Depends how many devices, lol. I guess upto 4 or 5 is not gonna have issues.

@Gi7 correct. Like I said, it’s about common sense. Just casual use and not using obscene amount and you’ll be fine.

Other little tip: Officially they say VPN alone isn’t enough to cause problems, but it’s highly recommended you make sure any VPN you use (if you use one) is out of India. Ads are shown to us based on our IP address. If you view from IP address outside of India, it can be seen as violating Terms.

Not sure if you’d be doing any proxy or VPN, but figured I’d mention as it’s one of the things that appears to be a frequent issue reported by people. So best to go without it and be cautious on too much use if you are traveling. Maybe turn off Rewards when doing anything where your connection shows like not in India.

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