Cab i connect 2 brave browser to one zeb pay account?

hello i am using brave in my laptop as well as in my mobile
so my que is can i connect both browsers to one zeb pay account
i am from india and in india brave rewards are withdraw in zeb pay

Yes, you can link multiple devices or profiles to ZebPay. The only warning I’ll give is that while there’s no device limits, meaning you can connect as many as you want, to be sure you’re only linking devices you own and are using casually.

To clarify, there have been people who have tried installing on school or work computers, on emulators, etc. This is seen as unusual and potentially fraudulent activity and can result in your accounts being permanently flagged/suspended. So try not to go crazy with it and remember Rewards are a bonus you earn where they assume you’re viewing ads. It’s not meant to farm or mine BAT.

In short: Only use normally. Don’t try to link a bunch with the intent of making money. Let whatever you earn surprise you and be pleasant, don’t have it as focus.

is brave certainly pvovided any limit or limitation or rule to it

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