Where i can see which country i selected for my browser?

I can’t connect Zebpay as the option is not available, one reason may be wrong selection of country. I don’t remember of selecting country so i want to see which country is selected in my browser.
How can i check this in Android phone?

Go to brave://rewards-internals and look to see what it shows for Rewards Country.

Got that, it shows US🤦 So no chance of getting it right?

Correct, no way to get any vBAT that might be on there. You’ll have to go to your Brave Rewards (brave://rewards) and reset it. This will start Rewards fresh and you’ll need to choose a country.

Is there any device limit to connect Zebpay wallet?
And also i didn’t select country in one of my device. Where can i do that?

The official answer is that there is no device limits.

That said, do keep in mind that if they see anything highly unusual, they can flag your account. What I mean is connecting “too many” devices can be seen as abuse or fraud. This is especially if all devices are used regularly. But there’s no “magic number” on this or anything. So just use casually and for yourself. Anything more than that is just risking issues. (such as don’t try to have all your friends, family, classmates/coworkers, etc linking to yours! lol)

When you first activate Rewards, it asks you to select a Rewards country.

New profile with no Rewards activate would show this when you click on Rewards

Then when you click Start Using Rewards, it asks you to choose your country

You would choose your country and then it shows:

And since I just chose India in that example:

I was using it even before, the your country selection update has come.
Not used for months now, updated the app no success.

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