How many brave wallets can be added to a zebpay account?

How many brave wallets can be added to a zebpay account?

No one knows. You may connect as many as you like but the system will stop you when it detects that you’re trying to connect an unreasonable number of devices.

My guess is 4 or 5 devices is gonna be fine

Previously, I reset my Brave Rewards profile 5 times. Does this count as separate devices?

why are you doing the reset again and again . There isnt a clear answer for your question

Yes, everytime you reset a new profile is created discarding the old one. So it’s gonna be a new profile everytime you connect.

Don’t t understand why anyone needs to reset the profile many times though.

When I first connected, I didn’t understand how Brave Rewards worked, and I expected my estimated earnings to appear immediately in my main BAT balance. When that didn’t happen, I kept resetting, but I realize then that it was my mistake.
Can you please guide me on how to unlink these profiles?

Well, you can’t unlink them. They shall be logged out in 90 days or so.

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Thank God, thank you so much for the information.

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