Maximum number of Brave Rewards wallet instances reached

it try to verify my Uphold Wallet in Brave because it was disconnected and now the Browser says me my Devices are maxed to 4. I only use Brave on my PC. There arent 3 other Devices. How can i unlink others?

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you can not currently.

Also. Devices dont mean what you think there. 1 physical device can easily fill up all 4 device slots. In example, you only have 1 PC and always only used this one PC with brave.
First time you install brave. 1 device. Then you decide to reinstall your operating system. You will get a fresh wallet from brave. now you have 2 devices. etc.

In easy. each time you do a fresh install of windows(mac, linux etc) you add 1 device. even just a complete fresh install of Brave only will trigger a new device.

Hope that clarifies it.

There is currently something in development for us users to manage our devices and remove old ones. but it is not yet ready. And nobody knows when it will be. But it is coming eventually.

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