Multiple profile link to one brave wallet

I am having 2 profile on Brave. One for personal matter, one for work.
I activated brave rewards ( seeing the ads ) on both of them.
The 2 wallets was different. But because I wanted everything on the same wallet. I use the Restore button to have the 2 profile link to the same brave wallet.
After one month, the home page was displaying different “Estimated earnings so far this month” but at the end I only receive one of them.
Is it normal ? Or by the fact that I merged the wallets, I did break something ?

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That is normal. If you merge the wallets, you’ll only get paid out for one balance. :slight_smile:

Ok, I see thank you for the fast answer.

:sob: I lost my reward :sob:

Is there a way I can generate a new wallet on the current “broken” profile or better to create a new profile ?

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