How exactly do I move an entire Brave install to new pc? (open tabs, extensions, EVERYTHING)

I’ve tried copying the entire “User Data” folder in …\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\User Data but that’s not working. Meaning the “User Data” folder on the new pc is completely removed and replaced with the “User Data” folder from the old pc.

Yet when I open the new Brave install, it’s just that…new with nothing from the old showing. No tabs, extensions, etc.

I’m certain I did this about a year ago without any issues. Has something changed?

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One too many User Data. It should just be one. I’m guessing you put the new User Data inside the User Data folder instead of replacing it. The natural path would be something like: C:\Users\saoir\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data

That issue aside, passwords wouldn’t move over this way. Passwords are encrypted based on the OS keyring. So when you go from one device to another, it would lose encryption. For passwords you’ll either have to export/import passwords or you’ll want to set up a sync chain between your two devices.

Hey thanks for the reply and for pointing out my (now) obvious oversight with the location.

So I replaced the default User Data folder with the one from my other computer and it still didn’t work. The only thing that seemingly transferred are bookmarks. But the open tabs, extensions, browsing data/history, etc. still aren’t showing.

Do you have a suggestion?

Not necessarily. I know some of those things may not move over. Like I don’t think it would transfer over any open tabs, but maybe I’m wrong. I haven’t really ever done anything this way as I just preferred to sync devices. Manual transfer of files/folders have too many things that can go wrong, especially with how many things like passwords are encrypted and wouldn’t transfer that way.

That said, I’m just going to tag in @Mattches to see if he might have input on why things like extensions and all might not be moved over as I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to. Then to see if he can clarify on if History and Open Tabs should be expected as well.

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Thanks for tagging @Mattches

It just seems if a drive can be cloned, I’m hoping there’s also a way to do so for individual apps.

Interesting that it didn’t carry over. I just tested this on my Windows machine and was able to copy my user data folder, uninstall Brave, reinstall and then replace the new user data folder with the old one. I got history, bookmarks and settings transferred over and even some autofill data which is interesting.

Do you still have access to the original machine/Brave install that you copied the the user data folder from? If so I would recommend using Sync to move data between PCs instead as there are less variables involved.

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Nothing moved for me. I lost everything basically.

I used teracopy to copy
to another drive.

After reinstalling computer, I installed the same Brave Browser version.
Replaced everything in

… didn’t work. Then deleted everything there and started Brave > closed > replaced only
C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\ Default

DIDN’T WORK… Only the basic sqlite database files (favicons, history) are read by Brave successfully, nothing else is recognized - Lost all 50 extensions and their configuration, etc.

Brave detected that some of your settings were corrupted by another program and reset them to their original defaults. Learn more

Follow the method correctly and it will work

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