How does the tool output from the mobile version of the browser?

I sync my windows browser with my android phone’s sync. , On my phone, however, I think I have a completely different wallet. I do not see my wallet address there, nor do I see my recovery key. Or can this enter.
Today I was credited 20 Bat on my phone. I do not see that on my Windows. Besides that, everything is sync. , but I do not have the same pages I can donate.
thanks for your help

@A7LOVESU yes, it’s two different wallet and not connected to each others. First, Brave Sync is currently only sync your bookmarks across devices. That’s why your BAT is not “synced” to desktop.

And Brave Rewards on Android is still in development. Many features is still missing compared to desktop.


So, does that mean that since it’s in development, that you/we can’t earn Rewards on the Brave mobile browser?

If you live in supported countries, you can enable Brave Ads and earn BAT on mobile. But other features like backup/restore wallet, verifying wallet, etc is not yet available.


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