Wallet sync. does not seem to work Win.8.1 Android

I’m sorry if this topic has already been discussed and clarified.
Unfortunately, the German translation for the Brave Browser does not work properly for most sites. That’s why it’s hard for me to search the Community site properly.

I sync my windows browser with my android phone’s sync. , On my phone, however, I think I have a completely different wallet. I do not see my wallet address there, nor do I see my recovery key. Or can this enter.
Today I was credited 20 Bat on my phone. I do not see that on my Windows. Besides that, everything is sync. , but I do not have the same pages I can donate.
thanks for your help

Hi @Robert_89,
The current Brave Sync is only to sync your bookmarks.

Wallet sync is in the plan. For now, you’ll get different wallet for each device that you have. From FAQ https://brave.com/faq#brave-personas

Also, Brave Rewards for Android is still in development so many features is still missing.

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all right. Thanks, then I know so far.

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