Installed referrals don't appear in Brave dashboard

Hello! I’ve provided my referral code to install Brave on computers belonging to group 1 and 2 on Monday and for some reason these are not displayed in the dashboard as being installed already. And I am sure the browser has been installed:


What would be the issue here?

I think they have to be confirmed. In order to be so the browser has to be used for a period of 30 days.

To claim referral payouts, you will need to link a verified Uphold or Gemini account

I wasn’t talking about confirmed use. I was talking about that normally, after an installation has been made with a referral code, it appears as to be downloaded and installed. Now, it doesn’t.

Atm i see on my refferals ppl download, but nobody installes. Hmm, i also hope it is a Bug! :wink:

But to your point. Is it possible he was using a VPN with a group 4 location?

No at all. The group 4 location is another installation which I was aware of and it is being shown in the dashboard as you could see. :slight_smile:

That was why i mentioned it. I see 2 downloads, 1 installed and the group 4. I thought this runs together.

But I see this is maybe a question for the admins. Good luck!

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