Don't know Hip vocab dude. I need to block lokai ads from my browser screen

I start my brave browser and here is a clickable picture taking up the browser screen. It is an advertisement for Lokai bracelets. I’m sure if I could afford one, I’d be utilizing a different operating system than Windows, and I’d have perhaps a different browser than Brave. I choose to have the brave browser and am a proud advocate of the same.

However, as a disabled veteran of the USA Military/Industrial Complex I have enough on my plate than having something jammed down my proverbial throat 80% of the time I open my “reduced ad” browser.

Can I block a particular advertiser with Brave browser or is my option to like it or lump it?

Inquiring mind wants to know.

That’s Sponsored Images. You can turn it off via New Tab Page Settings.

On New Tab Page > 4 icon at bottom right > the one on the far left is settings for NTP. You can disable SI there.

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thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I cannot say that enough, at least in this communication. You have restored my confidence in utilizing the Brave Browser and the Brave adventure towards excellence.

I did actually have a hard time figuring out exactly where you were speaking of in order for me to find the New Tab Page Settings. But after searching for that in the actual browser Settings, I went to a new browser page and saw the images at the bottom. Cool! Thanks so much. Woo Hoo!!

I surely did go and turn that off.
I have clicked on Lokai, went to Lokai, looked at their Lokai products, read their Lokai explanations. Even today when it popped up I clicked on it yet again even though the image hadn’t changed. And the full browser ads for Lokai just keep coming. I was about to leave Brave browser alone due to this one single issue regarding one preferred vendor apparently.

Thank you.

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