Option to BLOCK sponsored images even at the cost of less rewards overtime

Some of these ‘Sponsored Images’ appear to be more like propaganda pieces rather than simple product advertisement. I’d tried messing around with the ‘block element’ feature but they’re still showing up. I’ve finally just disabled the feature until they campaign for this company moves on to the next one. But that aside, I don’t really care that you show it I just would like the option to permanently hide choice ads from my sight forever.

edit: To clarify, I understand there is already a functional option for this but I think it would benefit you (Brave) and users to simply make it an ad-by-ad decision rather than remove all of them when only 1 or 2 images are what’s annoying.

Hello @Bereave

go to brave://rewards/ then go to history then on the ads that you do not like click on the 3 vertical dot next to it then mark as inappropriate

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile: