How to stop seeing ads completely?

hi everyone,since yesterday i decided that i dont need the brave rewards and i switched the ads OFF,why i keep seeing ads in videos?

Hello @mathaios

if you went to brave://rewards/ and turned off ads there and you still get ads could you send screen shot about the ads you see when you get one

or you talk about the new tab ads
to disable the new tab ads then open new tab page then in the lower side of te screen then click on customize then disable Show Sponsored Images

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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i mean the ads i am watching while on facebook videos,or it has to do with facebook only and i cant disable them?

try to change the shiled setting to more restrictive way
like setting the tracker to aggresive or the fingerprint to aggresive or both
sometime the aggresive mode does not make sometime to work fine so if you got any issue then get back to the standard mode for both

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