How do I manually export data from Firefox to Brave? Issue of Firefox not showing up on import screen

I am currently making the switch to Brave browser, however I am having issues exporting my data from Firefox. I really need all of the items to be transferred such as cookies, history, and bookmarks etc.

Without these I cannot make the switch to Brave because I rely on many of these to operate day to day. I have never switched browsers so I didn’t think of this issue in the first place.

I currently see no option to import from Firefox so I need to work out a way to manually transfer cookies, history, and bookmarks to Brave. From what I have gathered Firefox uses sqlite to store cookie data and I have looked into much else at this time.

Is there any way that I could possibly do this? Please only post relevant information because I am in a hurry to switch :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s totally doable!

Is Firefox still installed on your system? That will be necessary in order to import Firefox’s browsing data into Brave. By any chance did you move your Firefox installation to a non-standard location?


Nope, I still have it on my HDD never gotten around to switching it to my SSD. I am glad that it is doable, because it was the only thing I could think of left. I still have it, on my system using Brave and Firefox at the same time trying because Firefox has all my data haha :slight_smile:

No need to import cookies and browsing data from Firefox. Just import Firefox bookmarks. Go to bookmarks manager to do it. When they show up on Brave, go back and change the word “imported” to “bookmarks” or “favorites”

Before importing your Firefox bookmarks, go to the bookmarks manager in Firefox and export them to your desktop. Then, it’s easy to select them for importing to Brave.

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I also try to convert data from firefox to another folder, then I saw a poping message, mozilla firefox cant connect server. I need a proper solution.

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