Cannot import Edge bookmarks Brave beta

I’ve tried importing Edge bookmarks into Brave beta with no success. Message says they have been imported and they are not showing in bookmarks bar. Tried multiple times and same result.

We’ve had a few issues with the importer. When you import, are you importing just bookmarks, or other browsing data as well?
If you haven’t tried yet, I’d suggest (if it won’t work by default importer method) exporting your bookmarks from Edge as an HTML file. Go back to the importer in Brave, and select Bookmarks HTML file and try importing that way. Let me know if this works.

Just bookmarks. Will give it a go and let you know. Thanks! BTW, I really like this browser. I had huge issues with the released version and could not use it.

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Got em! Thanks for the heads up.

No problem, happy to help!