How disable the ads resolution pop-up?

How can I deactivate Brave Rewards so that I don’t get that annoying pop-up that wants to compel me to solve a captcha for 2 cents a month?

Or how do I disable this resolution pop-up?

Yet you praise Brave’s popup blocker?



Thank you.

I don’t have the same window as you but I’ve already deactivated the rewards this way.
But I still have this modal window that persists throughout the system.

How can I deactivate it?
It’s not appropriate since rewards are deactivated in the preferences.

Try testing in new profile

It’s always the same with a new profile.

The modal window must be hard-coded into Brave with all those restrictive capabilities.

Either there’s an option to disable this modal window, or it’s a bug since it doesn’t allow any interaction and the “later” button disappears after a while.


search for Brave ads and Brave Rewards and Set those flags of Search Results to be disabled.

All done.
All items concerned are deactivated.

No modal popup for the moment.
To be seen in time.

Thanks for your help.

I’ll come back and check “solution” later to confirm if it’s possible.

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