How connect existing Uphold Wallet of Desktop-PC-Browser to 2. Desktop-PC same IP to collect in 1 Wallet?

I use Brave Browser on my Desktop-PC and now also on a Laptop - at home with 1 IP.
Now, I have installed Brave Browser on my Laptop, and want to collect BATs on both Browsers together in one (my existing Uphold Wallet from 1st Desktop-PC Brave-Browser).
How may I connect this new Brave Rewards Program on Laptop to my existing Wallet without getting problems?
–> There is an option to (secure and) RESTORE the Wallet-Connection on menu “Brave Rewards”. May I use that restore-option on my new installed Brave Browser of Laptop?
I want to avoid to have 2 different accounts.

Is it otherwise somehow possible with my membership of Brave Community or my Uphold Account?
Many Thanks!

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You can link any number of brave browsers to one uphold account, but you will be paid only from first 3 linked accounts

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Ah, thank you, how may I link the 2nd Browser to the one uphold account?
Thanks for help!


Same here…want to connect a second PC also to my uphold.

@Worf5 - same way like you did it for the first browser

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