Region not support for India

Till today I am using brave rewards(browser) occasionally. I am interested to use the brave browser. because brave rewarding for my browsing habits.
Does brave unlock earning opportunities for Indian users near future?

Shall we do online work through the brave browser?

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Yes, they are working to have India supported again. As of now, they’re hoping to open up to regions again, only for Uphold though. They don’t have much to say about Gemini. Once Uphold is supported for verification in India, you will be able to withdraw the BATs earned till now. They are also changing ways people earn BATs. In Brave nightly they are allowing only Uphold / Gemini connected profiles to earn BATs, others will still see ads but the BATs earned will be distributed among creators.

Yes, absolutely. I am from India, and have shifted to Brave for all of my online work. The ad block works like a charm!

excuse me, I need to ask another question here. Brave rewards are international earning opportunities for many countries. In this situation How safe is KYC verification through a custodial wallet? If this is a nonsense question? leave it
Every day people read or heard about many types of online theft so I asked the above question.

@rrksh33 custodial partners are basically banks. How safe is it for you to provide information to a bank? You know nothing is foolproof but they do a pretty good job of keeping data safe overall.

Also keep in mind, this is a government policy. There’s no choice but to KYC/AML if you want to receive payments that can be converted to cash.


thanks for your reply. this community has been very helpful to those who will be new to the Brave browser.

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