Verified uphold account from india

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Hi, I live in India. I am a brave browser user for 2-3 years now. I am not totally sure but I think I verified my uphold account before the support for India was gone. I have been receiving my brave tokens till last month on uphold account. So is there a way to continue receiving my rewards?

You can try connecting to Uphold again, but I am not sure that it’ll allow reconnection or not.

Tried says region not supported but that was happening for a year now, I was still receiving my rewards on uphold automatically but now the whole rewards system is gone

Yea. I guessed that’s what would happen. Anyway brave is working to get India back as soon as with a new Custodian.

That’s such a chore opening a account then doing kyc on another exchange, still that could take years is there no temp solution, my rewards were working fine I just need brave to activate them on my account

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