How can I remove 'other bookmarks' permanently?

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  1. How can I get rid of ‘other bookmarks’?
    At present I have ‘Bookmarks Toolbar’ at the top left of the screen. I also have ‘Other bookmarks’ at the top right.
    The ‘other bookmarks’ is just a long list, unsorted with no folders separating then into categories.
    The ‘Bookmarks toolbar’ is fine, just how I want it.
    In ‘Bookmarks Manager’ I have removed all entries in the ‘Other bookmarks’ & this removes ‘other bookmarks’ from the top right of the screen. However, it’s not possible to remove or rename the ‘other bookmarks’ folder.
    Later on, with no input from me the ‘other bookmarks’ returns to the top right.
    How can I remove ‘other bookmarks’ permanently?

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Try to delete or move all bookmarks from “other bookmarks” folder.

Yes, I’ve tried that several times & doing that removes ‘other bookmarks’ from top right of screen but within minutes it returns. Also, when it comes back it add duplicates to ‘Bookmarks Toolbar’.

I think this is a glitch.
Try deleting and reinstalling brave.
Be sure “also delete browsing data” option is unchecked so you will keep your bookmarks and history after reinstalling brave.

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OK. I’ve uninstalled & removed every mention of Brave & then re-installed.
So far so good.
Thanks for you assistance.

Well, I’ve had no more problems since re-install so it appears to be fixed.
Thank you for your assistance.

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