CSS Render Issue

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Description of the issue:
On BRAVE, the CSS site colours are totally wrong. The site works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, but not BRAVE.
Shields up or down, no difference.
Site works in Brave desktop.

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.go to https://www.theshadow.info
Using the Brave browser.

Expected result:
Green colour should be dark green.
Page colour should be white.

**Brave Version( check About BraveVersion 1.45.1 (

Mobile Device details
IOS 16.1.1
IPhone 12 Max Pro

Additional Information:

It’s not looking like I can replicate it. I tested first with my browser on Windows 11 Pro. Then I went to my iPhone 13 Pro Max that’s running iOS 16.1.1 and pulled it up. Even held my phone side by side with the monitor and the page colors are identical.

Here is how it comes up on my iPhone with Brave.
I have reinstalled Brave too.

@TSI I just went to toy with settings and found what your problem is. Toggle Night Mode.

When I turned on Night Mode, it changed the color to match yours. But when turned off, it showed as I did in the initial reply of mine.


Hmmm. Night Mode should only be affecting the app interface, not the content.
Why did Brave decide to do that?

That will be awfully confusing to a lot of people since “Night Mode” is defaulted to ON.

I’m not sure that it’s Brave doing it. Did you put the CSS for Night Mode into your page?

For example https://ultimatecourses.com/blog/applying-dark-mode-styles-in-css or https://css-tricks.com/dark-modes-with-css/

Might be good to look at. If you didn’t code it that way, I’m not sure what it defaults to. I just remember someone talking about how it was a pain to set up pages for both. I never did get more into it than just overhearing before. (I haven’t done website development since I took classes for it in 2001, so you know my knowledge is very limited. lol)

I have taken this up with the template development company.
Thank you for finding it!

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