How can I download an old version? Manage Profile is not working

Problem: Manage Profile is not working. Not able to change the name or the avatar.

Operating system: MacOS
Brave Version 0.65.121 Chromium: 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

When I click People and then Edit goes to chrome://settings/. It’s not allow me to change the name and avatar of my profile.

Tell me how can I download the version that do that.

Thank you

I do not recommend installing an older version, but if there should actually be an bug, delete the profile and create a new one.


On the 2nd screenshot you can not see that you have to move the mouse over your user’s picture to get 3 points that you have to click on.

I use the German version, but you should be able to recognize everything by the icons.

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but then you only created a new profile and no older version of the brave browser.

i have the same problem on the mac. are the collected BATs for this month then lost?

Many Thanks! It works like you said.

It is unfortunate that it is not possible to rename the profile or change the avatar, but I exported the bookmarks (html) and imported in the new profile.


  • The “edit” option in the People menu is not working, goes to settings.
  • The “add person” option in the People menu will add a person but will not allow to change the name or the avatar.
  • The “manage people” option removes profiles or add profiles; when you add profiles you can choose the name and the avatar.

As I said, Many thanks.

I don’t use Brave Rewards, so I don’t know how it works.

I have heard other users reporting this but it seems unclear exactly what’s causing it. Testing on my end, I’m able to go to People --> Manage People and edit users as intended:

@Mattches The path you show in your video works (thanks for pointing that out), but in the Menu Bar, going to People > Edit does not work. That path takes you to brave://settings/manageProfile, which then redirects you to brave://settings/

Also, in the child window you show, it’s not possible to EDIT any of the profiles — only launch them or delete them.

Also, if you go to the same menu you show in your video and click on the current profile itself (at the top of that menu) it also tries to take you to brave://settings/manageProfile and fails.

So right now in Brave, the only options are to add a new profile, delete a profile, or switch to a profile. It’s impossible to manage a profile.

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I have found a workaround to change your profile name and profile avatar image. You may find it here: PERSON 1 - how to change

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Just updated to Version 0.66.99. The problem is not fixed. Still impossible to edit profiles. brave://settings/manageProfile still redirects. Is there another thread where Brave folks are actually engaging and giving an ETR for this problem?

I believe you should see this issue resolved within the next browser update – seems to have been addressed already. Apologies that there is no confirmed date yet but I can assure you that this function will return and work as intended:

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Thanks @Mattches.
Also thanks @alankyshum. I’ve used your hack to update my user names and avatars.

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