How can I disable back/forward navigation via gestures?

This is driving me crazy and in some ways making Brave unusable!

There used to be a flag in Google Chrome called “Overscroll history navigation”, when disabled it would mean trackpad multi-touch gestures would not be registered for back/forward history navigation.

Is there something similar in Brave? Other than disabling the gesture device-wide via MacOS trackpad settings, is there some way I can disable it just in Brave?

Sometimes I accidentally find myself navigation back or forward through accidental touch gestures.

For example in Firefox I can disable “browser.gesture.swipe.left” and “browser.gesture.swipe.right” in about:config.


+1 for this.

I’m trying to move users to Brave but we have in-house apps which use left and right swipes which are pre-empted by this crazy browser default.

Yeah I have even tried using third party tools such as Better Touch Tool, but this is not an ideal solution and Brave seems to override it anyway.

It’s all well and good that the browser is trying to be helpful, but at least provide a way for technical users to customise or disable.

Have I posted this in the right place? Is there someone I can contact?

Chromium (Chrome) disabled that flag in version 70… not Brave team

PS. I would like the opposite! To have back & fwd gesture on Android version of Brave… It’s much faster than Menu taps.

I’ve gone back to Firefox

I’ll return in 12 months to see if this issue has been resolved

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+1 for having an option to disable the gesture in browser. It’s super annoying to trigger this inadvertently


I don’t want this topic to get closed. (²³ days since the last reply)

Ccing @Mattches @Aa-ron - sorry for mentioning, I don’t know who’s the best person(s) to mention when we discuss **feature requests (for Android) **? -

Simply put: Can Brave develops add optional features BACK, features that Chrome removed from Chromium? Concretely, “Overscroll history navigation” flag in chrome://flags - that way we, users, can decide whether to enable left swipe(back) and fwd(right)
I personally adored those! Some folks don’t but still, many of us do, and having a choice (chrome://flags) is best.

Plus - Google/Chrome removes and adds features without consulting users, relying solely on internal tests and their UX dept.
And they remove some very useful things, unfortunately. (like those two gestures but not limited just to them)

I can’t say whether or not this will be re-implemented. Its not that we couldn’t but re-adding something that’s been removed upstream (that is, in the core Chromium code) is often more complicated than one would think (even for seemingly simple issues).

What I can do is open an issue/feature request for this on our Github for the devs to review and consider. I’ll include your report here in the thread as a +1 for the feature.

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Git hub feature requests sounds nice! Git hub is a bit… Well, not easy for me to understand & participate… But if possible, throw me a link once its made so that I can try to participate. :black_heart:@Mattches

I simply think that Back and Forward Gestures were amazing. I miss them in Brave (my primary browser now) but I also miss them in Chrome. I really hope there are Brave devs who share my opinion.

Chromium, sometimes, runs tests and we, users, get addicted to some features… Then, all of a sudden POOF, its gone! It’s sad. Overscroll history navigation saved me a ton of taps!

Somebody wants it disabled, somebody misses it (like me) but flag was perfect way to choose whether to enable it or not :cry:

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Just to keep this one alive.

The history swipe option is either a pain in the **** or a blessing. This feature needs a configuration option.

I have tried to move my user base to Brave, but since our internal apps use left and right swipe for bespoke functions I have had to revert to Firefox. Pity.



And one more point. At least one poster above refers to “two-finger swipe”. In Brave on both Linux and Android a single-finger swipe is pre-empted for history navigation. The two-finger swipe is treated as a single finger swipe.

So, the absence of a configuration option here may mean the absence of two configuration options.


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